Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate?

You can donate online using the red button to your upper right, or by sending a check to:

The Bowery Mission


Attn: Donor Services

132 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10016

Soon, you'll be able to donate in person at one of seven locations throughout New York City: Times Square, Bryant Park, Herald Square, Rockefeller Center, Union Square, Washington Square Park and Columbus Circle. Look for the donation table, marked by the official emblem.

If I don't live in New York City can I still donate one dollar?

Absolutely. Anyone can give a dollar, but we are focusing this campaign on New Yorkers because all the money raised will benefit the homeless, poor and hungry of New York City.

May I give more than one dollar?

Ideally, all donations would align with our mission, which is to see if one million New Yorkers can raise one million dollars by donating just one dollar each. The idea is to demonstrate that a lot of people doing just a little can generate major results. If you really want to donate more than one dollar, spread the word through Facebook, Twitter or by volunteering. Remember, recruiting fifty people who each give one dollar is just as good as one person giving fifty dollars all by themselves.

How do I volunteer?

Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Jonathan Walton at and he will get you on your way.

How do I get my school or business involved?

Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Jonathan Walton at and he will get you on your way.

Where does the money go?

All the money raised will go to The Bowery Mission and its partners, who have been helping the homeless, poor and hungry of New York City since 1879, by providing food, shelter, medical care and classes to help struggling men and women obtain jobs and get back on their feet (

How will the money raised be spent?

For information on how The Bowery Mission disperses the donations it receives, read their Pledge of Accountability, their 2010 Financial Summary, and their 2010 Combined Financial Statements.

Why is the campaign 40 days?

It's 40 days because 40 days encompasses the holiday season, there's nothing like a deadline to get things done, and great things throughout history have happened in 40 days.

Is there a theme song for the campaign?

Yes. The song is called Find My Way Home and you can download it from the
media page on the website.